In September 2006, the bank commenced granting of micro credit facilities to market traders in Agege Local Government under our Micro Credit Scheme. Up to June 2010, a total sum of N160.2M had been granted under this scheme. Over 3,114 market men and women benefited in this scheme.


In the past 18 years, the bank had granted N27m loan to agriculture and 324 farmers benefited from the scheme. These farmers belong to Ojokoro Agricultural Cooperative Society, Oko-Aro Agricultural Cooperative Society, Alatise Agricultural Cooperative Society and Ipaja Agricultural Cooperative Society Ltd. The 4 farm settlements with over 25,000 heads of pigs and plantations of maize, cassava, vegetable, pawpaw and fruits enjoyed credit finance to boost their production activities.


The bank designed a product christened “TRANSPORT OWNERSHIP ADVANCEMENT PLAN”(TOAP) to enable commercial drivers own their vehicle in just 200days or 300 days. The programme is aimed at easing community transportation. So far, N30m loan was granted to transporters to purchase and refurbish commercial vehicles.


386 traders at sango, Darocha and Agege Market(Men & Women) have benefited from N31.5m granted by the bank to support  trading in our community. This incude interstate grains (Beans  & Maize) trading between Northern and Southern Nigeria.


In 1994, the bank participated in loan syndication to the tune of N2.2m for the construction of 56 low-cost housing estates for NEPA Cooperative Society’s Members at Odubaale Town via Akute, a border town in Ogun state.


We have given regular assistance in the running of some clinics and Maternity Homes by bulk purchasing drugs and Medical equipements for them. These Clinics and Maternity Homes are owned by members of Agege/Ogba Community who are medical practioners.


Environmental Pollution: In  1999 the bank in collaboration with a Professor in science and technology,(Prof. Olu Odeyemi- Microbiologist) and Ojokoro Cooperative & Agricultural Multipurpose Society Ltd. Went into production of highly enriched organic fertilizer from animal waste.

Also the bank partnered with Ojokoro Cooperative & Agricultural Multipurpose Society Ltd. Settlement in partnership with Energy Commission of Nigeria to convert pig dung to BIO-GAS for pig farmers in Agege, Lagos. However, the Lagos State Government and British High Commission in Nigeria supported the project with N1m, while friends of Environment(environmental experts) donated N300,000.