• It is a multipurpose/target savings account which enables holders to save for specific purposes. Contribution can be made on daily basis, intervals or seasonal
  • PESS infuse corporative principle into banking whereby holder can take loan upon agreement with the Bank.
  • PESS account holders can form themselves into informal groups and jointly and severely guarantee repayment of credit advanced to group members on rotational basis.
  • PESS account helps holder to save toward starting own business, and can be used as security for loan
  • PESS is designed to take care of future planned expenditures on such necessities of life: health, Marriage solemnization, Birthday ceremonies, Festivals, Graduation, House rent etc..
  • PESS help holder to save towards owning household gadgets and equipments such as freezer, fridge, radio, television.
    • Opening balance of N1000
    • Minimum account balance of N1000