Our Savings, Credit and Investment Products are designed to economically empower the active poor and impact positively on the people’s standard of living

  • It is a conventional account that enables holders to draw cheque on the account and pay in bank instruments
  • Current account holders have access to overdrawn facility on reasonable terms
  • Salary fed Current account holder is entitled to 50% immediate payment on salary cheque paid into their accounts
  • Advances can be granted to the salary fed account holder against future salary on reasonable terms
  • Initial opening balance of N2000 for individual and N5000 for corporate
    • Zero Minimum balance
  • Holders can enjoy all sort of banking services, including credit facilities.
  • Where holder makes special/previous arrangement with the bank, cheques and other banking instruments may be accepted into the account.
  • Advances can be granted to salary fed account holder against future salary on reasonable terms.
    • Initial opening balance of N2000
    • Minimum account Balance of N2000
  • This is a conventional time/term deposit.
  • The tenor ranges from N50,000 naira and above
  • Interest rate is negotiable based on the amount and tenor
  • It is a multipurpose/target savings account which enables holders to save for specific purposes. Contribution can be made on daily basis, intervals or seasonal
  • PESS infuse corporative principle into banking whereby holder can take loan which may be 2, 3, 4 or 5 times its contributions.
  • PESS account holders can form themselves into informal groups and jointly and severely guarantee repayment of credit advanced to group members on rotational basis.
  • PESS account helps holder to save toward starting own business, and can be used as security for loan
  • PESS is designed to take care of future planned expenditures on such necessities of life: health, Marriage solemnization, Birthday ceremonies, Festivals, Graduation, House rent etc..
  • PESS help holder to save towards owning household gadgets and equipments such as freezer, fridge, radio, television…
  • Contribution is done daily, interval or seasonal
    • Opening balance of N2000
    • Minimum account balance of N1000
  • Designed for the transporters to own vehicles of their choice in 100, 200 or 300 days,
  • The participant will open an account with a minimum deposit of N2000, subsequently daily contribution to the tune of 25% of the cost of the vehicle
  • To benefit from this product, the participant will contribute 25% of the vehicle while the bank will contribute 75%(of the cost) under equipment leasing scheme.
  • The scheme covers all types of vehicles including Tricycle
  • The scheme is categorized into personal and group plan
  • It is designed for convenience of meeting children’s Education expenses
  • It will be opened in the child’s name and operates by the parent or guidance except where the child is above 18years old
  • The participant can benefit from loan to settle educational bills of their children
  • The bank will issue bank cheques payable to the school/institution of the participant.
  • The participant will enjoy convenience of instalment repayment.
  • The scheme is categorized into personal and group plan
    • Initial opening balance of N2000
    • Minimum balance of N1000
  • These products are available for the convenience of meeting target festival expenses.
  • The participant makes daily or interval contribution.
  • Withdrawal from the account is not encouraged until two weeks to the celebration of the underlying festival.
    • Initial opening balance of N2000


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